Billing and Health Insurance


An insurance specialist is located in the outpatient office and performs billing services for The BI-LO Charities Childrenís Cancer Center. This specialist will assist you with any questions that you may have about your bill. Payments can be made directly to the insurance specialist when you are in the center. We accept cash, check and Visa or MasterCard. You can also mail a check or credit card payment to the address on your billing statement.

The Patient Accounts Department of The Greenville Health System performs billing services for the lab and pharmacy. If you have any questions about the bills for these services call Patient Accounts at 864-454-8611 or 1-800-998-8995. Payments to Patient Accounts can be made directly to the Billing Office located in the hospital or can be mailed to the address on the billing statement.

Health Insurance:

Most children have health insurance through their parentís policy. There are many issues regarding health insurance and each company has their own rules and guidelines. The insurance specialist can help you with many of your questions but sometimes it is best for you to call the company directly.

It is also very important to keep the insurance specialist up to date on any changes in your insurance coverage. If you receive a new card in the mail please bring it to your next visit so that we can make a copy of it for your childís chart.

If your insurance company requires a referral to see us, you may have to get that from your pediatrician or family practice physician.

When your child is scheduled for admission to the hospital for treatment, the insurance specialist will assist with calling the insurance company and pre-certifying the hospital stay. The hospital specialist and other center staff will also assist patients and families with pre-certification for tests and scans, as well as medications and prescriptions.

If your child has an emergency admission, the insurance company must be notified by the child's parents or guardian. In addition, some insurance companies require that pre-certification for outpatient procedures and scans, such as MRI's, scans, etc. Please check with your insurance company or handbook to see what your company requires before having the scans, tests, or procedures done.

The insurance specialist is available to answer questions regarding your health insurance coverage, and can hep with specific questions regarding the center's billing policies. Other questions can also be requested from your insurance company directly. Please keep our insurance specialist aware of any changes in your insurance coverage or plan.

Meet our Billing and Insurance Specialist: Tommie Riddle and Robyn Parsons