Carol Hartly

Name: Carol Hartley, RN

Work History: 
Work in the GHS Lab before becoming a nurse
Have worked as a registered nurse for the past 29 years

One amazing daughter and two of the sweetest granddaughters ever

Interests Outside of Work:
Children, Books, and Travel - In that Order

Love to volunteer with church and community, especially with homeless (wish I could do more)

Buying children's book for myself every Christmas

Playing board games with my granddaughters

Favortie Journeys:
Alaska (can't wait to go back) and England

Favorite Plays:
Les Miserables, Wicked, Mary Poppins, Cabaret... bascially any (good) musical

Favorite Food:
Italian, Mexican, and "Down Home" Cooking

Favorite Book:
Any espionage type books