Carolyn Teresi

Name: Carolyn Teresi, RN

AD in nursing, received in the great state of Minnesota in 1987

Work History:
Always Pediatrics

My frist job was at the Variety Club Children's Hospital at the University of Minnesota

Have worked in pediartic home health, inpatient, and in outpateint clinics.

Professional Interests:

Interests Leaning more toward the research aspect of nursing.  I also really enjoy the social aspect of what we are able to do with the patients in this clinic.

Professional Memberships:
COG - Children's Oncology Group
APHON  Certified- Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nursing
PALS Certified - Pediatric Advanced Lifesupport     


Married to fellow Minnesotan, Jim, whom I met in my first semester of college. I was married in 1987, and have 2 daughters: Claire (1990) and Charlotte (1992). No pets, Jim is allergic. 

Interests Outside of Work: 
I love to read, sewing, paper crafts, painting, walking.

Favorite Children's Book:
Go Dog, Go! (love the subplot), Noah's Ark by Peter Spier, and currently The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I love a well-illustrated children's book.

I have yet to meet a book that I did not like. 

Favorite Food:

"Everything but the.........." Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream  Yum!

Favorite Movie:
The Princess Bride (Yep, I can pretty much voice the script. My family hates me for it.)