Child Life

At the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center and throughout the Children's Hospital, Child Life Specialists, in partnership with your family and other staff members, aim to help make the health care experiences easier for children, teens, and young adults.The Child Life Specialist focuses on the emotional and developmental needs of children and families while helping to bridge the gap between home and health care environments.

Child Life Specialists provide developmentally appropriate education, preparation,and distraction for medical diagnosis and procedures. Using play, preparation, arts and crafts, drawing, writing, and other forms of communication, Child Life Specialists seek to reduce the stress associated with health care experiences and enable the children and families to cope in a positive manner.

The Child Life Specialist also provides patients and their families with opportunities for involvement in psychosocial outings and events that aid in the whole family's coping. In addition, the Child Life Specialist also is able to make referrals for community and national resources that help children, teens, and their families throughout their health care experience.

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