Family Events

Families are Important to:

When a patient is diagnosed with a blood disorder or with cancer, the whole family is affected. The family, not just the patient, experiences frequent hospitalization, doctor visits, and changes in routines. Family members of patients often experience feelings of confusion, anger, fear, resentment and a sense of being out of control when a child has a chronic or life-threatening illness. These feelings can be overwhelming, no matter how normal they might be.

Providing a special day for the families of patients living with a blood disorder or cancer would allow them the opportunity to express their feelings, concerns, and questions about having a child with a chronic or life-threatening illness. It opens up new lines of communication with other families who are experiencing similar stressors.They are able to learn from other families and to gain support from those that they are able to build relationships with.

In addition, providing events for families also helps each family spend time together as a unit. So often they are require to spend time a part, but this time allows them to be together as a family and to experience fun and enjoyment together.Each event provided is totally free, which is a very big relief for families that often suffer financially due to medical bills or a parent having to quit their job.

Needs Met by Event

  • Emotional support for families of hematology/oncology patients.
  • Self-expression opportunities for families dealing with a life-threatening illness.
  • Educational and Support resources for families.
  • Opportunities for families to share questions and coping resources.
  • Opportunities for families to build relationships with other families as well as spend time together.
  • Provide opportunities for families to spend time together without a financial strain.

Events Provided:

  • Carowinds for patients 12 and under and their immediate family members
  • Athletic meet and greets- Clemson Football and Basketball and Furman Football
  • Fall Carnival
  • Family Fun Weekends at Camp Courage

The events provided are always free for the families with the help and support for organizations such as Clement's Kindness.