Friends of Our Center

Clement's Kindness

Clement's Kindness Fund For The Children: Provides financial assistance and psychosocial support for families of children who are undergoing treatment.

Ellis Mayfield Foundation: Financial support for families of children with brain and spinal-cord tumors.

Ronald McDonald House: A home-style facility that allows parents and families to remain close to their hospitalized child.

The Button Tree Foundation: Provides a retreat outing to Black River Plantation for adolescents and young adult patients.

The Dean Batson Legacy Fund: Provides financial assistance in the form of gas cards and grocery cards for those families undergoing difficulties due to treatment.

The Thomas Epting Faith Fund: Provides motivation, encouragement, and support for patients during active treatment as directed by treatment team.

Plus many other organizations that provide for patients and families.

The Button Tree Foundation

Thomas Epting Faith Fund