Inpatient Pediatric Pharmacy

Children's Pharmacy

A dedicated pediatric pharmacy opened in August 2003. The pharmacy is located within the Children’s Hospital near the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. The pharmacy is also located near the pediatric hematology-oncology unit and other inpatient pediatric units.

The Children’s Hospital Pharmacy provides a unique opportunity to prevent medication errors. Pharmacy staff members only verify doses and enter medication orders for pediatric patients. The pharmacy is also converting to a complete unit dose system in which all appropriate medications are dispensed in the most ready-to-administer form as possible. This system will reduce medication waste and the potential for medication errors on the floors.

There are two pediatric clinical pharmacists in the Children’s Hospital, Heather Hughes, Pharm.D. and Beth Addington, Pharm.D. The clinical pharmacists participate in daily rounds with teaching services and provide prompt consultations regarding specific drugs, pharmacokinetics, pain therapy, parenteral nutrition, and other issues upon request. Steve Robinson, Pharm.D. and John White, RPh are the primary pharmacists providing services within the Children’s Hospital Pharmacy from day to day.

The Children’s Hospital Pharmacy is currently open from 7am to 7pm Monday-Friday and from 7am to 5pm Saturday-Sunday. The phone number is 864-455-1363 and the fax number is 864-455-1340.

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