Outpatient Cancer Treatment Center Pharmacy

The CTC pharmacy is located on 2nd floor of the CTC building. The pharmacy serves in 3 roles- service, research and teaching. The pharmacy provides services to the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center, the ambulatory infusion center, the apheresis unit, and the interventional radiology department.

It has 3 state of art IV rooms that meet the latest USP 797 requirements. These IV rooms enable the pharmacy staff to prepare regular IV infusions, IV antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents and investigational vaccines in a sterile environment.

Other services the pharmacy provides antibiotic dosing, drug information, medication management and pharmacokinetics. The pharmacy is involved numerous ongoing clinical trials and drug studies in collaboration with the Children's Cancer Center and the Cancer Centers of Carolinas.

The pharmacy also assists the Oncology Research Institute in various cancer vaccine researches. And last, the CTC pharmacy provides training for the pharmacy students and pharmacy technicians in chemotherapy and preparation.