Pediatric Chaplain

The department of Pastoral Care and Education provides 24 hour coverage of all Pediatric Units.

The role of the chaplain is to provide emotional and spiritual support to patients,families, and staff. They help emphasize the building and strengthening coping mechanisms. Through listening and guidance the chaplain assists in short-term pastoral care and makes spiritual assessments based on the needs of the patient and family. The chaplain listens, observes, assesses, and provides appropriate support and pastoral planning for future visits to help the patient and family cope with the illness.

The chaplain is willing to offer pastoral care services which may include contacting the patients minister, rabbi, priest, faith leader, or faith community for spiritual and emotional support. The chaplain is also available for baptisms, funerals, communions, and other sacramental rituals and services. The chaplain is involved in the community, but is based inside the hospital.

All services provided by the chaplain are available for both inpatients and outpatient. You can reach the chaplain by calling (864) 455-5201.

Meet our Greenville Children's Hospital Chaplain here.

For more information on The Greenville Children''s Hospital Chaplaincy program please click here.