Social Work

Helping provide lasting support.

The Social Worker is an important part of our team and is available to help your family adjust to the diagnosis and cope with the transition to your new situation. She will serve as a guide to help you through unfamiliar territory as well as understand how having a child with a serious illness can cause stress on every member of your family both as individuals and in relationships with each other. She will also assist you with any concerns, feelings and questions that you have in dealing with this new diagnosis.

Our Social Worker is part of the medical team and serves as a communication link between you and the medical staff. In that role, she will be an advocate to help make sure you understand the treatment plan and that we understand your family’s needs. She is available for counseling to help your family cope with emotional responses to the illness, family conflicts, and parenting issues.

In addition to the emotional support she offers, the social worker is aware of the many practical needs your family may have. Financial aid and transportation assistance are just two of the many concerns that families experience. She is informed regarding the resources available within the hospital and community and will help you benefit from appropriate community agencies when needs arise involving in-home care, school, and community assistance programs. The social worker is available to you during hospital stays and in our center. We encourage you to use to the social worker’s support to help you throughout the treatment process

Meet our Social Workers: Pam Broughton and Amy Bowers

Working to keep beautiful smiles on faces.

Helping families cope.