Teen Support Group

Imagine being a normal teenager, who is active in school, hangs out with friends, and is beginning to think about the future. Try to vision the independence and freedom that you seek and the decisions that you face as a normal teenager. Suddenly, you go to the doctor feeling bad or having pain, and come out being diagnosed with a blood disorder or cancer.

A teenagers' life turns upside down, and changes almost immediately. Suddenly their world revolves around doctor's appointments, surgical procedures, hospitalizations, loosing their hair, and the fear of never being normal again. Teens often have a hard time coping with the change and the emotional roller coaster that diagnosis and treatment involve.

Because adolescents' needs differ from younger children that not as active with friends or thinking about the future, the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center created a support group just for teens and their parents. The support group is appropriately named S.C.A.T, Showing Courage All Together. Here teens have the chance to meet and talk about all that they have been through and have the opportunity to help new teens that are diagnosed along the way.

S.C.A.T. provides a monthly support group that meets at the BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center, for patients diagnosed with a blood disorder or cancer and their parents. Parents are able to meet with each other, while teens meet together for an hour, and then the group as a whole enjoys lunch.

Through this support group, parents and well as teens have a group of peers that understand and empathize with exactly what they are going through. They listen to each other, answer questions from their own experience, and become friends and a support network for each other. They share advice, understanding, and compassion while at our monthly meeting, but also as they extended their relationships outside the four walls of the centers building.

The support group started off with just providing teens and their parents with a monthly meeting and lunch. Currently the S.C.A.T. group also includes quarterly outings such as; dinner and a movie, bowling, or putt-putt. The teens also have the opportunity to participate in a weekend outing that is organized in the fall of each year. Each weekend outing includes, lodging, transportation, meals, and entertainment at a popular location within a five-hour drive of Greenville, SC.

All outings or activities planned for the teens are absolutely free of charge. This not only allows parents to have respite time or a date night together, but it does not strain their wallets.

Support for S.C.A.T. comes from community donations and grants.

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