What To Bring To Camp

Campers and What To Bring

Camp Suggested Packing List

Camp is a very busy place, and we spend a lot of time outside. Please know that bringing your best/new clothes or shoes, or irreplaceable favorite items is NOT a good idea.

Please make sure to label our child's luggage with their name or luggage tag. Also, for young campers, please make sure to label their clothes, yes even underwear, with their First, Middle, and Last initials.

During the day of pick-up, we will have a LOST and FOUND table that you should take a look at before leaving to make sure that your child did not leave anything behind. All items left at camp is thrown away after all campers and counselors have left the facility.

Cell Phones are not permitted at camp, and will be taken up at drop off. If children or teens bring cell phones they will be required to label and turn them in at registration, and will be permitted to use them only at assigned times. However, we do reserve the right to refuse the use of cell phones if it becomes an issue with homesickness or disruptive to the camper. Camper should not call parents without permission of the camp staff.

Electronic items are also not permitted at camp. This includes, but are not limited to, iPods, hand held video game systems, iPads, and other electronic items. We request this because of the setting of camp is interactive and social, and we do not want anything to happen to these expensive items. We also request that all toys remain at home as well. We will have plenty of items to keep all campers busy and entertained.

Please remember, we are not responsible if any items are lost or stolen.

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