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High-Pressure Industrial Water Cannons | Piranha Pumps and

Industrial Water Cannons. Features. Industrial water cannons provide a means for an individual to deliver massive water streams. This feat cannot be accomplished by any other type of equipment. Our high-pressure water cannons are the original single flow path water cannon. Other single waterway cannons are merely imitations of our design.

Water Cannons - Industrial Grade

With a focus on quality and functionality, Allquips Water Cannons are built to deliver a superior user experience. Our Water Cannons have been designed for use on water trucks, in wash-down bays, on wash-down vehicles, on service vehicles, fire fighting vehicles and in the mining sector.

Dust Suppression Fog Cannon for Rent | Herc Rentals

Drive harmful, airborne construction site dust to the ground with Herc Rentals fog cannons. Designed specifically for the commercial and industrial dust suppression market, these fog cannons control dust at the source by emitting extreme air velocity with large volumes of fine water droplets that physically capture and push dust to the ground.

Water Cannons, Indoor & Outdoor Dust Control | Odorcure

Dust Control Cannon Fleet. Range of cannons with throws from 100 ft. 250 ft. Trailer and Genset systems; Self-contained units (cannon, trailer, generator, tank) Site assessment & custom design; Freeze protection features for winter use; Remote and automation compatibility

Alibaba - Long Range Sprayer,Dust Suppression Cannon Sprayer

Since the foundation in 1992, Guangdong Fenghua Environment Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national & professional leader in the manufacture of spray machinery, we have been dedicated to R&D manufacturing high-performance long range sprayer, dust suppression sprayer, agriculture sprayer, offered a wide range of de-dust solutions and application of pesticide spraying with professional.

Dust-A-Side Fog Cannon Technology

FOG CANNON APPLICATIONS. The Fog Canno ns can be used to suppress dust in areas where wind plays a major role. The product allows for better coverage of water, specifically when treating open tip areas where there are no structures in place and when fewer options are available to install static nozzle manifold arrangements.

Multi-functional dust suppression truck, Multi-functional

Multi-functional dust suppression truck from Guangdong Fenghua Environment Protection Machinery Co., Ltd.. Search High Quality Multi-functional dust suppression truck Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on

Liquid Gold Carriers - Dust Suppression

Water Cannon - completely adjustable cannon which sits on the top of the vehicle and can shoot a jet or mist and is completely adjustable from within the truck via remote control. Manufacturer specifications state 2800L per minute, however practically Shoots a maximum of 1000L per minute, emptying the 12,000L in 12 minutes running at full speed.

Water Cannon - Water Cannon Suppliers, Buyers, Wholesalers

Mist cannon is also called dust suppression water cannon, remote fog sprayer machine. The high pressure of fog cannon machine can atomize water, the size of water mist is similar to dust. Then water spray fan generates a huge wind force and eject

Dust Suppression - 2200 Gallon Dust Suppressor | Pinden Group

Client: Pinden Limited, UK. The Pinden Group is a specialist waste management company processing a wide range of hazardous and non-toxic materials. The company operates an 80 acre quarry site in Dartford, Kent. Dust suppression is just one of the issues that Terry Bishop and his team at the Pinden Group face on a daily basis.

MistCannon - Mist Cannon Hire - Quarry Dust Suppression

MistCannon - MIST CANNONS FOR HIRE & PURCHASE Waging War on Dust! MistCannons are the ultimate tool for large-scale dust suppression. By means of a powerful turbo-fan, they project a plume of finely-atomised water droplets into the air to suppress dust effectively over wide areas, before it disperses into the environment.

Mega Water Cannons - MEGA Corp., Inc

The Water Cannon is directed by a logic box, which receives command signals from either the Mega cab control system joystick or a stand alone joystick box. The electric water cannon is rated for up to 450 psi hydraulic pressure, 200 psi water pressure, and has a reach of up to 200 ft. (using the straight bore nozzle with stream shaper).

Fog Cannon® Dust Suppression Systems - Wet Earth Dust

Fog Cannons are also useful for dust suppression of stockpiles where their low water use is an advantage. There are several models of Fog Cannon® available with throw ranges from 30 to 500 metres. All models have automatic rotation of up to 270° and an adjustable elevation angle from 0° to 45°.

Dust Suppression - 2400 Gallon Dust Suppression Tanker

MAJOR designed a 2200-gallon dust suppression unit with hydroseeding capabilities for Grundon Waste Management in Oxfordshire to comply with environmental regulations. In addition to applying the daily landfill cover, the tanker also has dust suppression, fire fighting and heavy vehicle washing capabilities.

Dust Suppression Vehicles with 8000Liters Water Tanker for

Dust Suppression Vehicles with 8000Liters Water Tanker Sprayer : air -assisted sprayer range: 40m -100m. The truck equip with a road sprinkler system for road cleaning services. The truck equip with water gun/ monitor, with fire hydrants connected for cleaning street/road and Fire fighting working.