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Fire Truck Pumps - Rosenbauer

This can be done either by a vehicle-mounted high-pressure road cleaning system or by the high-pressure washing lance, which can be coupled to the NEPIRO nozzle. Multifunctional Rosenbauer high-pressure pumps can be used in a wide variety of vehicle concepts, for municipal, industrial as well as airport fire departments.

High Pressure Pumps - D.A. Lincoln Pump Service and Supply

High Pressure Pumps D.A. Lincoln Pump Service and Supply is your source for industrial high-pressure pumps used in the car/truck wash industry, pressure washers, cleaning systems and other fluid applications. From start up of wash equipment to a replacement pump you have come to the right source.

Pressure Washers - The Home Depot

Pressure washers make deep cleaning jobs easy. They let the water do the heavy work. A power washer can do heavy cleaning in half the time on all your deep set-in outdoor grime. Power washers use a pump to push the water out at variable pressure. The engines either run on gas or electricity.

High pressure truck wash equipment. Heavy vehicle car wash.

The UltraJet high pressure truck wash. Suitable for heavy vehicle fleet owners & automotive dealerships. Good Sight truck wash equipment.

The Ultimate Guide To Pressure Washer Trailer Setups

The majority of the weight on a pressure washing trailer is two things: The pressure washer equipment skid/rig including engine, pump, burner, support frame and fuel tanks (600 lbs / 272 kg) Water tank full of water (200 gallons of water is 1,669 lbs / 757 kg) In the above hypothetical trailer, the full water tank represents 74% of the load.

Truck Wash Systems: Retail & Commercial Trucks | InterClean

Our truck wash systems are designed for continuous use using our high-pressure water recycling module, even while the settling pits are being emptied and cleaned. The pits are automatically emptied of liquids while the dried sludge is removed using a Bobcat and roll-off containers. Wash Systems for Garbage Trucks & More

Bus and Truck High Pressure Car Pressure Power Washer

PressureJet's car pressure washer/vehicle cleaning high pressure cleaner is designed & manufactured with advanced engineering techniques with standard metallurgy. These car pressure washers enjoy a fine reputation for quality & reliability as well as minimum maintenance & service.

High Pressure Cleaning Truck - Road Maintenance Vehicle

High Pressure Cleaning Truck is new product with the world's advanced technology level synchronization and developed according to the demand of market. It has excellent performance and multiple functions, drives the high pressure water pump to spray water by using the auxiliary engine, and drives the low pressure water using by PTO of chassis.


EXPLOSION PROOF ELECTRICALLY HEATED PRESSURE WASHING SYSTEMS. CSA Approved Class 1, Division 1, Group C & D; Automatic heat exchanger with stainless steel heating coil; Gun activated stop/start circuit with time delay; Automatic high temperature shut down; Low water supply shut-off and inlet water filter; Chemical injection with variable pressure lance

Wash Bay Systems for Truck & Equipment Cleaning | Hotsy

Wash bay systems are easier to maintain than a stand-alone pressure washer, and provides highly efficient truck washing and equipment cleaning. A Hotsy wash bay is a complete washing system which includes a stationary pressure washer of your choice located remotely on the premises, with a trolley system of hoses and wands that allow multiple users to clean heavy equipment and vehicles at the same time.

Cold Water Hydraulic Powered Pressure Washers

Cold Water Hydraulic Powered Pressure Washers Hydraulic pressure washing equipment is ideal for farm and agriculture industries, allowing you to clean using your existing Hydraulics . Simply hook up to a tractor or other type of farm machinery that has hydraulic power and you will be able to clean in remote areas without the need for

Truck Washing high Pressure Pump: Car & Motorbike

Jagdish Textile & Engineering Company High Pressure Pump Car Washing Pump, 180 - 220 V, 2.24 kW 1 offer from 96,123.00. STARQ W3-B Electric High Pressure Washer with

High Pressure Wash Systems for Car Wash / Truck Wash

High Pressure Wash Systems for Car Wash, Truck Wash & Industrial Cleaning Applications. Cat, Hypro, General, AR or Giant Pumps, Stainless Supply Tanks, Stainless Steel Frames & Much More!

The Ultimate Guide To Pressure Washer Trailer Setups

Trailer vs. Truck Mounted Mobile Pressure Washing Equipment. Some pros start with truck mounted equipment due to the lower cost. But very few expand their business by adding more and more mobile truck mounted pressure washing rigs. Most pressure washing businesses expand and grow by investing in pressure washer trailer setups.

Hi-Pressure Pumps for car-wash

Car wash systems allow users to wash their own cars autonomously, using the pressure washing system which uses pressurised water to clean the car surfaces. The high pressure pumps used to manage car wash systems has to be high performing, guaranteeing maximum output.