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Kögel Light: The lightweight trailer made by Kögel

As one of the lightest trailers in Europe, Kögel Light will reduce your fuel costs. The sturdy, lightweight construction allows you to transport up to 800 kilograms more load at the same time. Various equipment versions mean that this lightweight semi-trailer is extremely versatile.

PDF Factsheet Trailers - Land Transport New Zealand

A light passenger service vehicle (eg a van or taxi) may tow only one light trailer with a gross vehicle less than two tonnes. An articulated bus may not tow a trailer. What speeds are allowed for vehicles towing simple trailers? A light vehicle towing a trailer is limited to a maximum open-road speed of 90km/h.

Trailer Stability - Page 3 - Design & Practices for

Page 3: Trailer Stability Why are some trailers stable while others wander all over the road? There are dozens of factors in trailer stability while towing. No one factor is an absolute for making a trailer stable, or not, but they all have an effect. See this Video for an example. Here are a few of the most common things to look for:

TLT Tool the "Trailer Light Tester"

The TLT (Trailer Light Tester) is a lightweight, easy-to-use tool to test trailer lights and troubleshoot wiring problems. Weighing only 8 pounds, the battery-powered self-contained unit is self-supporting and rechargeable. A male connector is securely attached to the tool. There is no need for a truck, pigtail or external battery. Individually fused circuits prevent damage to the TLT and

What is the purpose of the signal lights on the driver's

If it's only on the left side, on the front edge at about the same height as the driver's mirror, that's the indicator light for the temperature control unit (TCU or reefer) on a refrigerated trailer. Green or white means everything is operating n

How much does an average empty semi-trailer weigh? How

My current trailer (Van) weighs in around 17,000 pounds. This is not normal though. When I was at JB Hunt and Celedon their trailers average between 14 and 16000. JB and a lot of the bigger carriers are now buying the ultra lights which come in ar

CIMC | Leading Chinese Semi-trailer manufacturer since 1987

CIMC Vehicles manufactures high-quality semi-trailer from Container semi-trailer, dropside semi-trailer, Fence semi-trailer, low bed semi-trailer, special semi-trailer. Our trailers are widely accepted all over China and have been exported to many international markets.

Incandescent Light Trailer Lights |

This incandescent trailer light kit comes with everything needed to properly light your trailer. 2 Tail lights, 2 amber clearance lights, 2 amber reflectors, license plate bracket, 25' wiring harness with 4-pole connector, and mounting hardware.

Federal DOT Regulations for a Semi-Trailer Bumper | Legal

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) requires requires trailers and semi-trailers to be equipped with rear impact guards (or bumpers) that meet federal regulations in order to reduce the risk of death and serious injury from light vehicles crashing into the back of semi-trailers.

Rectangular 2" x 6" Trailer LED Marker/Turn Signal Lights

Trailer-Style Rectangular LED Marker/Turn Signal Lights Although they're commonly known as a trailer light, these 2" x 6" lights can really be used anywhere. Most of them function as a marker light only, but we do have several options that will work as a turn signal as well. These are a really popular style thanks to their recognizable silhouette.

(PDF) Design and optimisation of a light-weight frigorific

Design and optimisation of a light-weight frigorific semitrailer. A new light semi-trailer concept has been developed using numerical and experimental methods. A semi trailer bumper is a

Lumber Choices for Trailer Decking - WOODWEB

Lumber Choices for Trailer Decking White Oak is the top choice for decking a truck or trailer, but other woods get some votes in this thread. March 4, 2009. The truckers tell me it's really strong and light weight and they keep the word out to other truckers - I have cut lots. From contributor F:

Trailer Testing Equipment, Trailer Testers & Acessories

Trailer Testing Equipment. If you need commercial Trailer Light Testers, Trailer Brake Testers, Mobile Diagnostic Testing Equipment that is sturdy, straightforward and functional - and pays for itself in improved operating efficiency - you've come to the right place.. For more than 20 years, Square Wheel Industries has supplied Trailer Testers and Express Garage trailer testing

Used Flatbed Trailers For Sale | iTAG Equipment

The lighter the used or new flatbed is, the more cargo weight that can be carried. When you have 80,000 gross pounds to work with the weight of everything matters. Semi truck weight plus semi-trailer weight subtracted from the 80,000 total weight number allowed in most cases leaves a trucker with the amount of cargo left able to haul.

Aluminum Heavy Duty Loading Ramps - Landsport

Our durable, lightweight aluminum ramps are available to load trucks, service vehicles, semi tractors, wheel loaders, skid steers, pavers, dozers, excavators, military equipment, MRAPs and so much more! If you have a need for a Heavy Duty Ramp, we have a solution for you!