10 Isuzu Medical Waste Transfer Trucks Sent To Africa


The total sales volume of Isuzu's medical waste transfer trucks has skyrocketed in mid-2018. Now people are paying more and more attention to the quality of products. Isuzu's medical waste transfer trucks meet everyone's selection criteria. The appearance is calm and atmospheric, and the interior is comfortable and spacious. First choice.

Isuzu vehicle size: 5995 × 2140 × 2990 (mm), box size: 4010 × 1900 × 1800 (mm), engine 98 horsepower, emission standard China V, diesel, box with inner and outer glass fiber reinforced plastic, 8cm thick polyurethane in the middle Foam, sealed double back door, spray disinfection, UV lamp disinfection, meet all international requirements for medical waste transfer vehicles.

Our company is strong, advocating precision manufacturing and excellence, implementing zero defect and zero tolerance management mechanism for production processes such as assembler, welder, painting, etc., from plate to component from assembly to paint, from process to service, all implement one Tickets veto refined fine performance management, the quality of the special-purpose vehicles produced is excellent, and they are sold to more than 30 overseas countries. Welcome to consult.