10 Sets Medical Waste Transfer Trucks Sent To The Philippines


The medical waste transfer truck is also known as a medical waste transportation truck, a medical waste collection truck, a medical waste transfer truck, a medical waste collection truck, a medical waste transportation truck, a medical waste truck, a medical garbage truck, etc.

Car body configuration: Designed according to the characteristics of medical waste, it adopts closed transportation, the back door is a double-layer closed structure, and a labyrinth seal is used to completely close the compartment to prevent the spread of medical waste germs and toxic gases. The inner wall of the compartment is made of 3 mm thick stainless steel plate, the middle 8 cm thick polyurethane insulation layer, and the outer glass fiber reinforced plastic. It can be disinfected by corrosive disinfection. The carriage body has the function of ultraviolet disinfection. When the ultraviolet lamp works normally, it radiates a large amount of 253.7nm ultraviolet rays, which has a strong lethality to microorganisms and kills bacteria within 30-45 minutes. The product has the characteristics of airtightness, impermeability and dustproof; it has the functions of antibacterial, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and disinfection. According to the "Medical Waste Management Regulations", medical waste transfer vehicles must use special vehicles bearing the "Medical Waste" logo and meeting environmental protection requirements.

Within 30 days of receiving payment from customers in the Philippines, our company sent 10 medical waste transfer vehicles to the Philippines.