10 Ton Sprinkler For Construction Work


Thanks to Indonesian customers for coming to our company for inspection and recognition of our products and high trust in us, we signed a 10-ton sprinkler for construction projects. Compared with the same industry, the chassis produced by our company has great advantages: the wheelbase is 3800mm, the body is short, and it can come and go freely in construction projects. High horsepower, Yuchai 150 horsepower, six-speed gearbox with directional assistance, according to the engine ton power can match 10 tons of sprinkler tanks. Watering function is complete: Wan forward, rear spray, side spray, large working platform, with green sprinkler. Self-priming and self-discharging sprinkler pump with high pressure. It can be pumped in and out; it can take water from fire hydrants with fire joints, and it can also be taken in rivers or ponds with on-board pumps.

At the same time, our company installs a high-pressure washing machine on the working platform according to customer requirements, mainly used for flushing roads, such as soil, sand, etc., with a standard 15-meter high-pressure pipe and high-pressure spray gun.

Our company provides customizable services. If you have any needs, please contact us.