50 Ton Multifunctional Dust Suppression Truck Sent To Kazakhstan


The T5 (60-80m) dust suppression car has a water tank volume of 16 tons. It is made by automatic welding. It is equipped with Hangzhou Weilong sprinkler pump, a large-caliber ball valve, and aerodynamic cabin control with front and rear sprinklers. The rear platform has a green water cannon. Equipped with Shandong Huali 60-80m fog cannon unit, the race remote control is fully automatic. It has all the functions of a sprinkler, and perfectly realizes the characteristics of one vehicle and two uses.

The T5 sanitation and dust suppression vehicle can be equipped with Guowu Yuchai 240-horsepower and Yuchai 270-horsepower six-cylinder engines. The new European domineering widened body, reliable quality, good sealing, hydraulic flip, electric glass, ABS, lower protection, shaft The distance is 4350 + 1300mm, the front axle is 5 tons / the rear double axle is 10 tons, the Shaanxi tooth 8JS85E eight-speed gearbox, and the 11.00R20 steel tire.

Volume 15 cubic meters (tank: square, cannon barrel), equipped with 60-90 Dragon King pump (import and export: side of co-pilot), forward flush (below the cab), rear spray, side spray, fog cannon watering platform, anti-aircraft gun, Front warehouse large dust suppression vice-rolling shutter doors, pipes (65 main pipes in the front become 50, and 65 main pipes in the rear become 50), water spray ball valves (large diameter ball valves), fire exits (fire ball valves), fenders (anti-splash), Dome light (shown small light), support palm (double support palm), rear guard section size (width x height) 60 × 150 (mm), rear protection ground clearance: 510mm.

Optional <80m, 100m, 120m> spray unit, corresponding to fan pressure <80m / 3106pa, 100m / 3620pa, 120m / 3977pa>, corresponding spray head number <70, 80/100>, corresponding to water pump Flow <80m / 160 ~ 200L / m, 100m / 240 ~ 280L / m, 120m / 240 ~ 280L / m>, equipped with 150KW six-cylinder high-power generator set (behind the cab), sprayer (rear platform) With remote control system, centrifugal pump, pump pressure 0 ~ 3.5MPa, rotating motor, rotation angle <0 ° ~ 360 ° adjustable>, fan pitch angle <-5 ° ~ 45 ° adjustable>, remote control distance up to 100 meters.

The main working principle of the T5 (60-80 meters) dust suppression truck: the normalized water droplets are atomized into tiny water mist particles by a special high-pressure atomization system and a ring-shaped spray ring through a wind-driven atomizing sprayer. Then use its own pressure device to send water to the nozzle, and the fan will throw the atomized water droplets to a distance of 30-120 meters to form an atomized spray. The sprayed water mist can effectively adsorb and polymerize the dust particles suspended in the air, settle the dust by gravity, and reduce PM10 and PM2.5 in the air by 15% to 20%.