Delivery Of 2 New Multifunctional Garbage Trucks In Myanmar


The two garbage trucks delivered this time are compression garbage trucks and bucket-mounted compression garbage trucks.

These two garbage trucks are modified by installing garbage bins, dumping and unloading mechanisms, rear door opening and closing mechanisms, working device hydraulic systems, and working device electrical control systems on the chassis of sanitation vehicles. V standard. The garbage truck produced by our company has beautiful appearance, comfortable driving, convenient operation, flexible and high reliability, and can replace fixed compression garbage station.

The main features are:

1. Good sealing: Adopt fully enclosed carriages and sealed rear doors. Garbage sealed transportation, to prevent the leakage of garbage and sewage along the way, to avoid secondary pollution during transportation;

2. Simple structure and excellent performance: adopting tipping discharge method, simple structure, fast and clean discharge;

3. Simple and comfortable operation: The hydraulic system adopts sequential control. With a reversing valve, the operator can complete the opening and closing of the rear door and the tipping of the carriage in the cab, reducing labor intensity and improving the working environment.

4. High accessories configuration: imported brand-name hydraulic components are adopted, which is easy to operate and reliable in operation.

In addition to compact garbage trucks and hanging bucket garbage trucks, our company also produces docking garbage trucks, hook arm garbage trucks, swing arm garbage trucks, kitchen garbage trucks, etc., complete varieties, reliable quality, reasonable price, perfect after-sales, inspection, negotiation Cooperation!