Malaysia Signs Kitchen Garbage Truck Order


Recently, Malaysian customers came to the factory to visit the kitchen garbage truck manufacturing workshop and signed a purchase contract. In response to the concerns of Malaysian customers, we will briefly introduce our company's kitchen garbage truck.

Dining garbage truck: The upper body consists of a box body, a back door mechanism, a sealing and locking mechanism, a push plate mechanism, a bucket hanging mechanism and an operating mechanism. Mainly: ①The loading of food waste is completed by the trash can lifting system. The system has a trash can lock structure, which is safe and reliable for loading and unloading. The garbage bin is well connected with the garbage input port to ensure that the kitchen waste is not spilled or missed during loading and unloading. There is a sufficient distance between the garbage input port and the push plate, and a sealing device is provided on the push plate and the inner surface of the tank body to avoid spilling behind the push plate during the kitchen waste input process and separation process. The hydraulic system consists of pumps, hydraulic valves and sequence valves, hydraulic cylinders with various functions, and high and low pressure pipelines. ② The tank body is divided into upper and lower layers. The lower layer is a sewage collection tank after solid-liquid separation. The two ends of the sewage tank are high, the middle is low, and the lowest end is provided with a water outlet to ensure clean sewage discharge. ③With body cleaning function, equipped with automatic return reel.

Main function introduction:

Slowly lift the bucket of kitchen and kitchen waste water through a special lifting frame, and pour it into the compartment on the top of the car (the car can be divided into a box and a tank). The released garbage is squeezed by a powerful push plate and placed in the tank. Solid-liquid separation is realized in the body. The separated liquid enters the sewage tank at the bottom of the tank. The solid waste is compressed and stored in the tank, and the volume becomes smaller. After this, it is repeatedly filled to the kitchen garbage resource optimization treatment plant.

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