Seiko Manufacturing Wins Orders From German Customers


At the beginning of the new year, good news is circulating. First, the commercial vehicle industrial park aluminum alloy lightweight hazardous chemical vehicle specialized factory mass production was rolled off the assembly line, and customer orders came in; some specialized factories were put into operation and trial production; the Ministry of Commerce's assistance to Cuba was designated to settle in our company to undertake production; then Southern Airlines The company and German customers have successively placed large orders in the Municipal Sanitation Vehicle Specialty Plant to schedule production.

Our company advocates precision manufacturing, excellence, and implements a zero defect and zero tolerance management mechanism for production processes such as assemblers, welders, and painting. From sheet to components, from assembly to paint, from process to service, a one-vote rejection is implemented. Refined high performance management.

The high-end municipal sanitation vehicles produced by our company's professional factories are being sought after and favored by more and more customers. The satisfaction of foreign customers has also been greatly improved. Customized services and efficient after-sales solutions have made orders come in!