Three Sets 12-Ton Truck Cranes Shipped In Cambodia


Cambodia's old customers have signed three 12-ton truck-mounted cranes. During the period of severe shortage of chassis and cranes, our factory promised to guarantee the quality and quantity in just 20 days and deliver the goods to the old customers; this The truck crane adopts a new luxurious cab, Yuchai's 240-horsepower intelligent engine, low vibration, low noise, integrated cylinder head, strong power and good climbing performance, integrated four-valve technology, precise fuel-saving, 8-speed gearbox of Shaanxi teeth, The front axle is 5 tons, the double rear axle is 10 tons, the 300MM double-layer, the local three-layer special thickened beam, the 11.00 steel tire for the whole car, durable.

The crane is a brand crane with high lifting capacity, strong bearing capacity, and safety and reliability. The hydraulic cylinder in this truck crane hydraulic system is made of high-pressure galvanized steel, which has good hardness and pressure resistance, strong lifting, free expansion and contraction, and corrosion and rust prevention. Easily realize the lifting, turning and lifting of goods.

High quality is the cornerstone of our success. As always, it is our pursuit to provide customers with high quality products.